We want everyone to have the best experience possible when attending events at Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC). To make this possible, below are some things to consider and to be aware of while attending performances at RPAC.

Patrons arriving late will not be admitted until a suitable break occurs in the performance.

The Front of House Manager will determine an appropriate time of entry.
This is for your safety, as some shows have a very dark opening, where it would make it difficult for you to be shown to your seat.

Bottled water can be taken into all performances.

Drinks purchased at the RPAC bar and café can also be taken into most performances. Some classical music performances may not allow drinks (other than water) into the Concert Hall. The bar and café staff will be able to confirm at each performance whether drinks are allowed into the theatre spaces.

Food is not allowed in the theatre.


To ensure a pleasant experience for all visitors and no distractions for performers, we ask all patrons to ensure they silence all electronic devices before the start of the show.

The use of still and video cameras, mobile phones and other recording devices are not permitted during most performances due to copyright restrictions.

If there is an exception, it will be announced prior to the commencement of the performance and via signage. If the use of this equipment is allowed in a particular performance, it is still expected that you take into consideration the other patrons sitting around or behind you and turn the screen brightness of your recording device to night settings and do not obstruct their view whilst filming or taking photographs.

If your actions when filming/photographing disturb other nearby patrons you will be asked to stop this activity by the ushers and/or asked to move to a different seat.

Prams and strollers are not permitted in the theatre. Please ask a staff member to store them whilst you attend a performance.

Children 12 months and under are admitted free, provided they are seated on a parent/guardian’s lap. A crying baby should be taken from the theatre and settled before returning to the performance. Some performances have an older babes in arm age, if this is the case then it will be detailed on the more information page for the performance or the RPAC Box Office staff will be able to advise this age when booking your tickets.

The Concert Hall has theatre seating. If attending a children’s performance then young children are welcome to stand in the area in front of their seat to dance along to the concert, as long as they are not obstructing the view to patrons behind them.

Due to safety reasons, they are not able to stand in the stair areas and there is no dance area in front of the stage.

The RPAC Box Office does not have booster cushions, but you are welcome to bring a small booster seat or cushion to raise up your child for a performance.

View from Section now available for Concert Hall standard seating.
See the view before buying tickets here! Click on the orange camera icon to view seating position.

Many performances use smoke, haze or other theatrical effects, such as strobe lighting. If any of these impact on your enjoyment of performances, then please check with the RPAC Box Office when booking your ticket or when you arrive at the theatre prior to the performance.

Signage will also be in the foyer to notify patrons of any effects used in the production.