Redland City Council supports community arts and cultural development of artists, practitioners, organisations, projects and programs through a range of grants and initiatives, including community arts activities coordinated through RPAC.

This support is focused on priority areas including the Southern Moreton Bay (SMBI) Islands, disability groups, young people, cultural diversity, emerging communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the island communities, as well as specific critical social and cultural issues requiring focused attention.

Community arts and cultural development is distinct from other arts practice as it is the creative processes and relationships developed with communities to make the art that defines it, not the art form or genre.

Our focus for 2021 is implementing community development initiatives using arts and culture as a tool for engagement and capacity building.

Community initiatives include special events such as The Pacific Choir Project which will be performed in the Concert Hall in August 2021. Other initiatives include supporting cultural and arts organisations to develop their support and membership base, governance support, and funding support through grant programs like the Regional Arts Development Fund Grant and Strategic Initiatives.

To read more about the Regional Arts Development Fund Grant, and to apply, visit the Redland City Council website, RADF Program.