'Mudlines- Tricia Dobson' part of Jeremy Staples project ( RADF-19003)

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About RADF

About the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

RADF is an annual partnership between the Queensland Government (ARTS Queensland) and Redland City Council. This partnership has been operational for over 20 years. During this time the arts and cultural life of the Redlands Coast has grown exponentially.

The RADF grant is seen as seed funding to kick-start and assist emerging and semi-professional artists and creatives in the region. The funding cycle is available for two rounds a year as well as a RADF Quick Response round which is open all year depending on the availability of funds.

There are two types of funding available with community project funding (up to a maximum of $10,000) and professional development/quick response funding for individuals or groups ($2,000 or $4,000 respectively).

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Successful RADF Grant Projects

  • Macleay Island Inspirational Writers GroupIsland Stories Anthology
    Stories of island life were recorded from Islanders from Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra by members of Macleay Island Inspirational Writer's Group. The stories will be transcribed as Word documents, edited and proofread and compiled as an anthology of Island stories. The book will be professionally printed and published. It is planned to apply for a further grant to have an event on Macleay Island, to launch the book inviting community members especially those who contributed stories. Some of the stories tell of life on the islands over thirty years ago Copies will be provided to all the Redland Libraries.
  • Eve NewsomeSMBI Community Concert Band
    This project will establish a SMBI Community Concert Band with the slogan: "Never too early - never too late." The recruitment of members will be for SMBI people of all ages who play or would like to play wind, brass and percussion instruments. Weekly rehearsals will be held in the Macleay Island Progress Hall due to its accessibility to the Macleay Island ferry terminal after which a public performance will be given. The band will be conducted by experienced musician and band conductor David Wellman and administered by the musician and event organiser Eve Newsome.
  • Craig Tapp- Connecting to Budjong Djarra
    This is a multi -level project where Craig Tapp, a regional Quandamooka artist from Nth Stradbroke Island, will create new artworks, mentor emerging arts workers, employ regional artists and engage community participants. Craig will lead two intensive sand art workshops that engage community participants while mentoring emerging arts workers to create new ephemeral artworks on Home Beach. The process will be professionally documented to produce the digital story of “Connecting to Budjong Djarra” This project will culminate with an exhibition featuring this special digital story and a new collection of carved artworks created throughout the project by Craig Tapp
  • Island Storytellers Writers & Readers FestivalIsland Storytellers Festival
    Island Storytellers Writers & Readers Festival celebrates a love of literature, the creative people of our islands and community engagement. Our festival hub is Ngudjuru/ Lamb Island, other islands are invited to participate in the festival.

We have invited diverse local, regional and interstate authors to:
• Entertain and challenge us with fiction, non-fiction, poetry and song.
• Ignite community interest in literature
• Nurture a love of books and writing.
Events include;
• Indigenous astronomy on a sailing ship
• Four panel sessions
• Three professional development workshops
• Poetry readings
• Floating Book Club
• Singing as storytelling

  • Atlas StudiosBigger Picture Redevelopment
    The application for RADF is for redevelopment costs of the ‘Bigger Picture’ performance by Quandamooka Artist, Sachem. 'The Bigger Picture' allows Sachém to promote himself as an artist, his artwork and his cultural roots. Initially supported by RPAC and ICF, and now through meticulous redevelopment of his acclaimed show, ‘The Bigger Picture’, Sachém will grow new audiences through presentation of new and current works, will receive further impactful skill development and will provide employment opportunities for other First Nations Artists and arts workers.
  • Joseph Geia- From Rations to Wages to Treaty
    With a career spanning 40 years and song writing credits for one of Australia’s most iconic songs ‘Yil Lull’, First Nations singer songwriter Joe Geia embodies the powerful role of music to drive and spark activism, resistance and transformation, and skilfully uses the stage to share knowledge, culture and music with a heartfelt commitment to making a difference and creating understanding. In a two-hour, multi-media show, Joe Geia, and his six - piece band, take you on a journey ‘From Rations to Wages to Treaty’. A journey that reflects the Aboriginal Australian experience, a journey that highlights resilience, resistance and survival.
  • Uncle Norman EnochGoompi & Poypi
    Telling stories from the history of growing up on Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) as written by Nuigi Elder Uncle Norman Enoch. The project will culminate in a series of books centring on the characters of two brothers Goompi and Poypi as they learn lessons about living on country and respecting the Land. The books will be targeted at schools and young readers as picture books and distributed throughout the Redlands area and beyond. The whole project is focussed on Quandamooka language, storytelling, artists and history.
  • Kristian SanticThe Hoarderculturalist
    I intend to creatively develop stage two of The Hoarderculturalist - a 60 minute promenade theatre work for children performed in public spaces and community gardens in the Redlands Coast. This work centres around Mr. Barley, a Scrooge-like Australian farmer, who invites participants on an interactive tour of his garden. This grant will fund a three week creative development with local artists, community members and established performers to package a fully delivered product for stakeholders and venues including Indigiscapes, Willetts Farm, Tide Festival, and RPAC. The end of the three weeks will culminate in a professional showing for key stakeholders.
  • Canaipa ConnectionsCanaipa Connections 2023
    Canaipa Connections is a collective of artists facilitating regular artists retreats, exhibitions, arts projects and workshops. Their CORE proposal is one of 25 out of 133 proposals selected for Townsville's Ephemera: Seaside Sculptures 2023 in July. This application is for funds towards the - completion, transportation and installation of the CORE artwork in Townsville - installation of components of the artwork across the islands and on the mainland during the along with a series of related workshops for all ages - design and delivery of a Canaipa Connections exhibition and public program on Russell Island under the TIDE Festival banner.
  • Art my WordArt my Story 2023
    Art My Story is a book publication including writers predominantly based on Southern Moreton Bay Islands, though open to everyone. The writers will be given random photos from photographers in the community to prompt their writing of new pieces. The photographs will also be included in the publication.
  • Goompi Give & Grow Ltd- Connection to Quandamooka Country: One Mile
    This project will share Quandamooka stories of One Mile, North Stradbroke Island told through photography, film and storytelling, capturing the voices, memories and significance of Connection to Country for Quandamooka people. This will be the second film and exhibition in this series. We will celebrate our local storytellers from Elders to youth by interviewing different generations within the community to capture stories and memories of this significant place. This project will elevate Quandamooka stories, storytellers and artists and will activate our places and spaces, highlighting the stories and significance and will drive social change and strengthen the community.
  • Nardu Anderson – ur Elder’s footprints …for our children’s children
    Aboriginal people - capturing cultural heritage People with disabilities - developing accessible artwork/documentary on cultural heritage People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds - cultural education in accessible form (closed captions + imagery) Emerging artists - supporting emerging Aboriginal filmmakers develop industry skills Established artists - supporting established artists who specialize in community-connected participatory filmmaking, community development process and grassroots activism within Australia. Tourists - film is anticipated to be available for tourists to learn Quandamooka culture Young People -Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultural resource

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RADF into the future

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