Redland Sings | Artist Interview with Jonathon Welch, AM

An event for the born music aficionados – and for those who belt out Jimmy Barnes songs in the shower.

Artist Feature - Jonathon Welch

Silence | Artist Interview with Thomas E.S. Kelly

Co-Artistic Director Thomas E.S. Kelly talks about his motivation to create this work and his journey within the Arts industry.

Artist Feature - Thomas E.S. Kelly

The Bigger Picture | Artist Interview with Sachem

We took the opportunity to find out more about Sachem's inspirations and motivations.

Artist Feature - Sachem Parkin-Owens

MEDEA | Artist Interview with Sam Foster

Shock Therapy Productions’ Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director Sam Foster talks about the Medea performance.

Artist Feature - Sam Foster

Song to the Earth | Artist Interview with Corrina Bonshek

Composer and Artistic Director Corrina Bonshek shared some insights into the work and her musical influences.

Artist Feature - Corrina Bonshek