2019 RADF grant recipient Adam James

RADF Quick Response Grant Round Now Open

The current RADF Quick Response Grant Round will be open from 10am on Friday 13 May and close at midnight on Friday 10 June. These grants are available for professional development/quick response funding for individuals or groups ($2,000 or $4,000 respectively).

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About the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

RADF is an annual partnership between the Queensland Government (ARTS Queensland) and Redland City Council. This partnership has been operational for over 20 years. During this time the arts and cultural life of the Redlands Coast has grown exponentially.

The RADF grant is seen as seed funding to kick-start and assist new and emerging artists and creatives in the region. The funding cycle is available for two rounds a year as well as a RADF Quick Response round which is open all year depending on the funds available.

There are two types of funding available with community project funding (up to a maximum of $10,000) and professional development/quick response funding for individuals or groups ($2,000 or $4,000 respectively).

Below are the dates for the 2021-22 RADF grant rounds.

  • ROUND 2 Quick Response Round opens on the 13th May 2022 and closes at midnight on the 10th June 2022
  • RADF Grant Round 2 is now closed. Round 2 opened on 16 February 2022 and closed on 31 March 2022 at midnight. The 2022-23 RADF grant round dates will be available on this website soon. 

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2021 -22 Round 1 Successful RADF Grant Projects

2021 -22 Round 1 Grant Round
Five projects were successful in applying for RADF grants in the latest round. The projects were:

  • Karen Drukakis – Reflections in the rear view mirror - the panoramas and the potholes (A modern twist to the ancient practice of sharing life lessons of the Elders): For tens of thousands of years, at the heart of Aboriginal culture, Elders pass on their life lessons and experiences to the next generation through spoken stories. The sharing of these stories is as critical today as it has ever been. But, how young people communicate now is very different, even compared to the previous generation. Therefore, Elders from Minjerribah would like to use modern multimedia techniques to share the stories of their lives in their own shows. Live and recorded traditional and modern music, singing, dance, artwork, images, films and spoken stories would be used. The performances would be yarning circle-based shows that encourage the audience to ask questions and have discussions with the Elder during the show itself about issues raised. John Parke would assist the group to produce their shows. These shows would be performed on Minjerribah and multimedia materials presented at RPAC.
  • Fiona & Siobhan Wilson – Minksy the Meltdown Pixie:This project will involve the writing, editing, illustrating, book design and publishing of a children’s picture book called Minksy the Meltdown Pixie. The book will then be shared with children in schools, day care centres and libraries in the Redlands and other regions of Queensland. Copies of the book will be donated to State Library of Queensland, local special schools and the Redlands Libraries. 
  • Redland Sinfonia Inc. – Redland Sinfonia Recording: Provide a professional recording experience for aspiring local professional musicians. Produce a recording for use as promotion for the orchestra via social media. Make the recording available for participants to add to their CVs. Use the recording as a source of future income through sales of CDs/DVDs. Showcase local award winning composer.
  • Island Art Collective-Eve Newsome – SMBI Mural:The project is proposed by four established and emerging SMBI visual artists who are part of the recently formed Island Art Collective, co-ordinated by Eve Newsome. The Island Art Collective aims to enliven island public spaces with outdoor murals and other art work based on SMBI environment and history. The project involves planning and painting a mural on the Kitchen Garden Shed in the Karragarra Community Garden, Karragarra Island. The Garden Shed measures 3 meters by 3 meters and is located within the Community Garden itself and in view from main access road. The mural will be designed with creative input from four Island Art Collective artists and the Community Garden members and painted in outdoor paint on all suitable external shed surfaces. The project will develop the creative skills of the artists and Community Garden members resulting in an inspiring art work visible to both locals and visitors.
  • Bradford Walton – Strategic Development of Cleveland Film Company (CFC) - A sustainable & independent regional film industry in the Redlands: This strategic initiative will encourage and develop creative and logistical skills within the arts and cultural life of Redlands. The further development of CFC as a local production company will create employment opportunities for a wide range of creative artists, technicians, and third-party associated support businesses, such as catering, construction, accommodation, and so forth. The initiative will strengthen existing CFC partnerships, forge new ones, and will stimulate cultural innovation within the regional communities of the Redlands, Quandamooka Country, and commercial ventures. CFC will support the capacity of local partners and supply chain businesses and assist them to understand and develop and cater to the needs of a local film production industry. The fiscal consequence of the initiative will support a robust culture in the Redlands, build local cultural capacity, sustainability, and community pride.Screen QLD has identified Cleveland as a region of strategic importance for film production, particularly feature films, in the next 10 years, and Redland City Council has identified film and TV production as a key propulsive sector for the local economy in relation to job creation and economic contribution. Film contributes to the community's cultural and artistic fabric & Redland City Council has been active in courting major productions that capitalise on our beautiful natural environment for location shooting. CFC identified a gap in the Redlands regarding this sector and intends to capitalise on the attractiveness of the region as a site for feature film production.

Round one of the 2021-2022 grant round
Five projects were successful in applying for RADF grants in 2021. The projects were:

  • Minksy the Meltdown Pixie - Fiona & Siobhan Wilson
  • Strategic Initiative Grant- Cleveland Film Company
  • Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) Mural- Island Art Collective
  • Reflections in the rear view mirror - the panoramas and the potholes (A modern twist to the ancient practice of sharing life lessons of the Elders)-Karen Drukakis
  •  Recording- Redland Sinfonia

For more information about these projects and the grant recipients read the Redland City Council media release by clicking on the button below.

RADF into the future

What's next for our previous RADF grant recipients and what advice would they like to give other RADF grant applicants ... watch the videos below to find out.