Welcome to RPAC REBOOT ... our revamped Spring/Summer program!

Get ready for RPAC to sizzle through Spring and Summer with our revamped program of theatre, cabaret, burlesque, and fine contemporary and classical music.

We know you’ve seen postponement after postponement due to Covid lockdowns or border restrictions, but we've regrouped and we're ready to bring our groundbreaking new take on entertaining you...  

We always have a glass-half-full approach, so while interstate travel is uncertain at the moment and many shows we had planned can’t make it here for a while … it does mean the best Queensland acts are here too!  So we’re making the most of this opportunity by presenting the very best in home-grown entertainment. You will love what we have planned.

The weather’s heating up and so is the Spring/Summer program at RPAC. Some of the first shows from our revamped program are below and more shows and events will be comings soon, so make sure you keep an eye on this website.