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DramaFest 2017 - Theatre As You Like It! - 11 Plays to Enjoy
Redland Performing Arts Centre

Small theatre with a big impact!
Come join us for the magic!

DramaFest 2017 will fill the RPAC Concert Hall with a smorgasbord of small theatre offerings from all over South East Queensland. It will be an evening and a day of theatre in its many forms nestled into four sessions.  

You’ll join the surviving crew of an exploding spacecraft cargo carrier, go camping with some really incompetent teenage scouts and dig deep into the dark side of morality and behaviour. You’ll also meet ten of Australia’s most daring suffragists waging their hat-box-to-ballot-box battle, and find laughter and love chained unexpectedly together. Self-help groups and bank robbery strike an interesting accord, David Copperfield emerges from history and other characters emerge in a horrifying form from our fairy tales. There are spiders in the basement and there’s a strange woman upstairs in the attic, plus an odd couple of women are trying really hard to stay friends. The psychological and emotional aftermath of fighting in Afghanistan is explored and a different sort of horror comes to a service station near you …

One $5 ticket will get you into all sessions on Friday and Saturday to enjoy a great variety of one-act plays in the Redland’s contribution to the highly-regarded south-east Queensland Drama Festival Circuit. Details of the 11 plays that will make up this year's DramaFest are at the bottom of this page.

All plays will be adjudicated by highly-regarded drama teacher, director and consultant Michael Beh.  

Performance Times:
Friday 28 July - evening (7pm – 9pm)
Saturday 29 July - morning (9am – 11.30am), afternoon (1pm – 4.15pm) and evening (5.30pm – 9.00pm)
RPAC Concert Hall
See above times and duration for each session
Tickets: $5 on the door
Suit Children:
Parental guidance recommended to determine suitability for your child
Booking Information:

Tickets available on the door.

If you require mobility assistance please contact Redland Performing Arts Centre so that we can accommodate your needs.


Purchase tickets on the door.




Please note: the following running order is subject to change

Friday 28 July 2017 (Evening Session) 7pm – 9pm

Ray Bradbury
Theatre Group: Beenleigh Theatre Group (Youth)

Captain Hollis pulls together the surviving crew of an exploding spacecraft cargo carrier. The deeper he digs in the moments before his almost certain death, the greater his risk of discovering what matters. Are memories really worth more than dreams?

Director: Benjamin Bray


Phyl Lobl, Adapted by Jan Nary
Theatre Group: The Magdalenes - Magda Community Artz  

Condensed from the theatre version of Phyl Lobl’s seminal work on leading Australian suffragists, this piece uses narrative and song celebrate ten of the women who were vital to the Australian struggle for voting equality. Our home-grown suffragists, emerging from the social attitudes and moral expectations of the time, waged a hat-box-to-ballot-box battle that was fierce, distinctly Australian and frequently touched with a disarming larrikinism. They were as tough as colonial sisters had to be. Theirs is a splendid history.   


Saturday 29 July 2017 (Morning Session)  9am – 11.30am

Theatre Group: Ipswich Little Theatre  

The Asylum takes you behind the doors where the truth is like a raw nerve, where we learn character s from the stories of our childhood may not be as nice as we were led to believe.


Ralph Ashby
Theatre Group: Mousetrap (Youth)

This absurdist youth comedy follows the escapades of a group of dysfunctional teenage scouts who must prove themselves by spending a night alone at Camp Puddlefoot, an abandoned scout camp. The antics start as soon as they arrive and lead to a hilarious ending. 

Director: Shirley Budinger


NOT ON THE USUAL MENU                    
Kim Wainwright     
Theatre Group: Mousetrap

Four people meet at a Self Help Group. They become friends and plan to rob a bank, until a fifth person comes on the scene!

Director: Barb Wainwright


Saturday 29 July 2017 (Afternoon Session) 1pm – 4.15pm

Theatre Group: Beenleigh Theatre Group

A young man in a basement is stalking a spider, surrounded by his captives. His elderly companion is more interested in sinks than spiders. But who is really the captive? And who is the mysterious lady upstairs?


Peter Wright
Theatre Group: Anticlockwise Theatre

Performance description coming soon.


Theatre Group: Pegasus Theatre

Four different people are dealing with life. Best friends Brooke and Sarah are struggling in their own ways with their partners Andre and Randall who have returned from Afghanistan.  The Colour Green explores important issues such as mental health and self- worth.  


Saturday 29 July 2017 (Evening Session) 5.30pm – 9.00pm

Theatre Group: ACT 1 Theatre

Drawn from the writings of Charles Dickens, this is the story of a young man’s life of adversity, friendship, betrayal and love.


Theatre Group: MATES Theatre Genesis

Long- time friends Olive and Florence are as different as chalk and cheese.  With the unexpected separation from her husband, Florence is floundering to make sense of life - so Olive comes to the rescue. But will this act of kindness be the undoing of this very odd couple? Will the only thing left standing be the guacamole dip?

Director: Debbie Spearritt    


Mark Lucas
Theatre Group: Excalibur

When the chips are down there is little room to survive the horror. There is no time or place for heroes; only survivors.

Director: Shirley Lucas